Dennerle Scaper’s Flow, what to say about this brilliant filter…. Well, by the time of writing this article I own three of these devices and I think that speaks for itself! They are very well made, they are as easy to install and prime. It is hang on the back filter. In my case however I have them setup next to the tanks and I am using Eheim hose to connect lily pipes. They come with the filter itself and are very handy, small yet powerful enough to create nice suction in the water (whirl effect) which cleans your water crystal clear. Not only it makes water surface clean, it also creates aeration in your aquarium. That promotes growth of nitrifying bacteria, good gas exchange and water movement. It obviously does not mean that if you install lily pipe your tank is sorted! All I’m saying here is that having lily pipes has its benefits..

Back to the filter. It comes ready to go as I have mentioned, so called ‘plug and play’. You will also get pre-filter sponge, fine filter pad and bio-filter material. They are all nicely packed in the trays so very easy to clean up when required. I have had mine running for over a month now and have cleaned them once, and they were not even dirty.

Another thing to mention is that since it’s not UK made, you will need plug adaptor. Apart from that, you are all good to go…

So, to sum up.. Get it, while it’s there. I can honestly (and sadly) say that I have nothing to do with Dennerle but with this product I think they have cracked it!