This is as name suggests the ‘One of Six’ aquascape, aka my shrimp tank. Plan is to build the rack with six of these, all the same tanks, equipment but different species of shrimp.

This one is my biggest Iwagumi aquascape to date. Up until now I have made two attempts in my smaller tank but nothing as big..well…96 litres Askoll Pure XL

This is my first proper ADA tank, 30c cube garden, with Aquasky and Advanced system 74 made by ADA as well. The only not ADA product is filter, I am using DENNERLE Scaper’s Flow
They are flexible and well made and I just really like them, got two of these.

This is my latest aquascape. I have not used this type of sand before and although it does look attractive it is a major pain from maintenance point of view. Every bit of detritus or anything else is clearly visible and it makes you wanna ‘hoover’ it all the time so, for next one, or even this one I will change the sand to something more natural, like ADA’s La Plata sand. However I do like it when it’s clean (those few minutes of enjoyment ubtil one of the Amano’s rolls over). Plants are doing really well, there was some melting going on, especially anubias but over all it is good.