This is a video about my favourite kits of all, ADA’s Advanced Co2 System. Easy to install, screams quality at you, touch it and you know you are holding a premium product. Anything from ADA is stunning…best quality… I have the whole setup, light, tank, decor and substrate, additives etc. (except for the cabinet) and the results are amazing. It really is worth spending little bit of extra money to get the desired result. I happen to like the look of the equipment and not just the tank it self, I like to see good clarity glass, I like to see clear hoses with quality lily pipes…you get what I mean. You and others are looking at the whole thing, not just inside at the fish and plants so I believe it is very important how it all looks..

A quick weekly maintenance of my aquariums. I do about 20-40 % water change, add water conditioner and some beneficial bacteria. I clean the glass with sponge or scraper, lily pipes with toothbrush (yes, everyone should have one for your tank maintenance). Once a month I clean the filter, change the fine filter pads. Try and keep on top of it and prevent problems rather then fix them as they come. Again, as you can see on my YouTube channel, I have learned the hard way. Not going into too much details but when I came back after my two weeks holidays my big tank was a mess…

Quick video to show you how to clean Eheim external filterAs i mentioned above I do this about once a month. Make sure you clean the bits in your aquarium water and NOT tap water. Otherwise you have killed your beneficial bacteria
in your filter and your filter will not be able to cope with the load of detritus etc. from your fish and plants, especially in heavily stocked and planted tanks. And never forget Water Conditioner